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Building Successful Recruiting and Staffing Businesses

Place Perfect Partners is a one stop Partner to help you build and develop a recruiting business. First we create your business, including, registration, logos, email domains, and much more. Then, we provide all of the software solutions and administrative support to operate your business (invoicing, contract management, etc.). You just do the recruiting–we do the rest! We only recover fees when you make placements.

Creating Your Business

See the services we provide to start your business.

Services Provided

Learn more about the ongoing services our Partners receive.

Our Principles and Values

Let us tell you about the values that guide us.

Empowering Entrepreneurs

Enjoy all of the benefits of being a recruiter for a major national recruiting company while keeping 80% of your fees with the freedoms and financial benefits of owning your own business.

How It Works

The entire process is simple and your business is ready in just a few business days! Once we both agree to become Partners and sign a partnership agreement, you fill out a  brief intake form with the information we need to get started on your business. We immediately get started on creating your business in the name you choose. You will receive your credentials in just a few days and your business is up and running! New recruiters will be set up with the next training class.

Earn Double the Industry Standard Compensation

Place Perfect Partners was built on the best technologies, streamlined processes and principles of fairness that enable us to empower recruiters to become entrepreneurs. As your support services provider, we only succeed when you succeed. That means that we are directly accountable to each of our Partners. We listen to you and we invest in helping your business constantly grow!


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