This is the ideal time to learn to become a recruiter

Steve Jorgenson
November 02, 2020

The corona virus pandemic has been a worldwide tragedy and has forever changed the way we interact. There are few people who have not been impacted by the loss of life. And, even fewer people who have not had their careers impacted by the spread of the virus. The country has experienced an unprecedented amount of job loss,it was unimaginable just a few months prior to the government shutdown. However, the small ray of light shining at the end of the tunnel is that this will also be an unprecedented period of opportunity for recruiters.  Who are going to be very much in demand as companies scramble to find great candidates for their business expansions,recruiters will be key in supplying a top and most valuable resource, talent.

Before the pandemic, the United States had an unemployment rate that was 3.5%. The unemployment rate then increased by 11% in the subsequent shutdown. This left tens of millions of people out of their jobs. It has been an unprecedented time where the entire economy has had to adjust to new ways of doing business and new ways of interfacing with their employees.

The great news is that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Vaccines and therapeutics are almost definitely on the way. Businesses will return to normalcy (albeit a ‘new normal’), and they will return to their operational levels they had before. We will get back to where we were as a country before the tragedies hit the United States. And, companies are going to need skilled recruiters to help them find crucial candidates and get them to work!

Recruiters are on the front lines of getting the economy back to where it was at the beginning of 2020. Before the shutdown, businesses did not have enough bandwidth to properly find and onboard candidates. Now that businesses are ready to aggressively rehire and regrow, they need recruiters to guide them through the candidate selection process more than they have ever needed them. 

There will likely never be a time that is more rewarding to be a recruiter than this time and in this crisis. Recruiters will be changing lives for people who have lost their jobs during the pandemic, helping them get back to providing for their families and working in a job they love. Recruiters will return security to families through the connections and introductions they make.

Financially, the recovery is going to be a historic time for recruiters as well. There will be millions of jobs that need to be filled, and someone is going to be the recruiter who receives the fee for those placements. Companies are going to need recruiters to sort through the countless applicants who respond to their openings. The question is, which recruiters will answer this call and help businesses recover from the pandemic?

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