Recognizing the world of opportunities surrounding you as a recruiter

Steve Jorgenson
November 02, 2020

Recognizing the world of opportunities surrounding you as a recruiter

The world is full of opportunities when you are a recruiter. The happiest and most successful recruiters are those who are best able to maximize their outcomes while using the fewest time and financial resources to do so. There are networking opportunities everywhere. Pleasant conversations quickly turn into profitable business opportunities all the time. 

You never know who is going to turn into a potentially ideal candidate, or a potential source for a requisition. One thing a recruiter should never do is discount a person because they are not “useful” to the business in the immediate future. Previous contacts often turn into great candidates for additional opportunities down the road. It is a really bad practice to leave any connection with a bad taste in their mouth about their experience because many connections become increasingly financially advantageous as time goes by. 

There is of course a balance to maintaining and building relationships among your network and investing your time wisely. Every recruiter eventually learns how to balance relationships and evaluate which relationships lead to the most work orders from your clients. If you are targeting a major client who could lead to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, then you would want to put more time into developing a strong relationship. On the other hand, you might have the best rapport with a client, but they may not have much business to send your way. In those cases, recruiters still want to maintain a relationship with the client, but they do not want to put so much time into them that they miss more profitable opportunities. 

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