Knowing whether you have the critical skills to become a recruiter

Steve Jorgenson
November 02, 2020

Knowing whether you have the skills critical to become a recruiter

Recruitment: Do you have the skills critical to success?

Deciding whether to become a recruiter begs the question of whether you have what it takes to become one. The secret is that anyone has the capacity to become a recruiter. The question really is: who has the attributes to become a successful recruiter most quickly?

There are attributes that some people have which best enables them to do well right out of the gate when they become a recruiter. There are no “set types” of people who do well in recruiting–but rather, there are core attributes that put recruiters in the best possible position to succeed, right from the start. 

Those attributes include:

  • Communication skills — Recruiters earn money based on their communication skills. This begins when they make their first contract with clients or candidates. You must have a clear message that speaks to your audience. From there, recruiters need to be good listeners, ask the right questions, and explain why you are the one who can help their career grow. 
  • Confidence — Recruiters exude confidence when they work with clients or candidates in order to be successful. Candidates are entrusting you with their careers, so recruiters need to convey confidence so their candidates can trust them with the livelihoods. Clients pay recruiters a lot of money to help them with their staffing issues, and a confident recruiter gives clients more comfort in trusting you to find their ideal candidate. 
  • Consistency — Recruiting is a sales role at its core. There will be rejections, people who don’t call you back, deals that fall through, and unfortunately, even people who will be rude. Recruiters learn to not let those setbacks get to them. Regardless of what happened yesterday, even if you made the best placement, you approach each day like you have work to do and you need to follow your training.

Learning to hone these skills is all part of the training process and ongoing executive coaching that follows the training program. Anyone can do those three things. Some people just need a little more structured guidance and/or mentorship to getthere. The deals come for anyone who wants to be a recruiter, as long as they trust their training and continue to persevere.

Training and learning the mechanics of being a recruiter is a first step, and from there you will learn how to develop those skills to best fit with your personality. This level of self understanding enables recruiters to reach another level of success in the industry. By honing your communication skills, displaying confidence, being consistent, and trusting your training, anyone can become a successful recruiter in any industry.

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