Our WIN Program (Women In Need)

Empowering domestic violence survivors with the training and support to become entrepreneurs

Helping WINs

We are a business committed to the greater good with a specific focus on helping women in domestic violence and turning Women In Need of help into WINs.

Our business model is particularly helpful to women in domestic violence situations who feel like they cannot leave because they:

     1) are not financially independent; and

     2) have children they need to be able to take care of.

We train WINs to become recruiters so that they can overcome these obstacles. 

Place Perfect Partners is committed to empowering WINs and enabling them to live their lives with the safety, security, and dignity they deserve.

How Our WIN Program Works

Candidate Identification

We work with domestic violence organizations around the country to identify women who are candidates to become a WIN with a likelihood of success. [contact us] if you work with a domestic violence organization and would like to learn more.

Training & Startup

Setting WINs up for success is the key to achieving positive outcomes. We fully start up a business for our WINs and take every measure possible to train and mentor every WIN into becoming outstanding recruiters.

Putting our money where our mouth is

Every WIN starts out with a 20% discounted rate and we aggressively reinvest our own money back into our WINs training and development program.

True Women’s Empowerment

Our goal with every WIN is to give each one true financial independence while also being able to make sure their children are safely cared for at home. Each WIN will legally own their own business without having to learn how to manage all of the administrative challenges that come with being a business owner.

Learn More About Place Perfect Partner's Philanthropic Mission

Our WIN Program is designed to put our partners in the best possible position to succeed as a recruiter.  Learn more about how you can help our WIN Program or how we can help you if you are personally in a situation where we can help you find services or if you are interested in becoming one of our partners. 

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