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What is it like for experienced recruiters who become one of our Partners?

Discover how easy it is to have the freedom of running your own business with the support and services of a multinational recruiting company. Our company was founded on efficiency to minimize your busy work as a business owner.

See the difference in income our Partners enjoy!

Place Perfect Partners Recruiter Earnings

Our Partners earn a much higher compensation rate than they would ever receive working for someone else. We do not charge any monthly fees for all of the systems, support, services, and free mentorship we provide you every day. Our service fees are directly tied to your success. We work on commission for you.

Learn more about the benefits we offer our Partners

As a business owner with Place Perfect Partners, you will have all of the comforts and services you know and love from a large organization, but with faster service and better accountability.

Business creation  in just a few days — Within a few days of becoming one of our Partners, you will have a legally established and fully operational recruiting business. Click here to see more about Place Perfect Partners’ business creation model.

Contract management tools powered by artificial intelligence —  We are able to help you turn around contracts and protect your business interests in rapid speed. Quickly execute contracts and protect your business interests with our guidance and tools.

Freedom to choose your market and specialties — As one of our Partners, you are your own boss. Choose the specialty and geographic locations you want to work in. As your partner, we use our advanced data analytics to help you identify trending specialties and locations so you can quickly mobilize your efforts into hiring hotspots!

Invoice and billing management — Don’t sweat the small stuff. We take care of the invoicing and finance management so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Compliance management — Ensuring your business is compliant with complex state and federal laws can be daunting. We take care of that for you so you do not have to worry about legal compliance matters. 

Templates provided — Enjoy privileged access to a  stocked document library giving you  all of the tools and contracts you need to operate a world-class recruiting company!

Advanced applicant tracking software — We use a world-class applicant tracking software program  (Bullhorn) to provide our Partners with the most intuitive and advanced ATS system available. 

Executive coaching — When you become one of our partners, you really become one of our partners. We provide mentorship and training programs that are tailored to your desires to help you best succeed and feel like you are part of a team.

Work a full desk as a 360 recruiter or share fees — With Place Perfect Partners, you have the option to collaborate with other partners to fill placements while still protecting your candidate/client information.

Become a Place Perfect Partner

Our entire business platform has been built with the needs and wants of recruiters in mind. Our promise is to always listen to our partners and each other and to always find ways to make processes easier and more efficient. 

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