Entrepreneurship on the Rise as People Rethink Their Career Options in a Post-Corona virus World

Steve Jorgenson
November 02, 2020

Entrepreneurship on the Rise as People Rethink Their Career Options in a Post-Corona virus World

Corona virus and the shutdowns have led to a lot of people reassessing their career goals and trying to figure out what is going to be more fulfilling for them as we hope to see an end to the pandemic. People have really enjoyed many of the freedoms of working from anywhere they want to, and want to find ways to become even more independent. The prospect of ever going back to a normal 9-5 in an office is painful to imagine for many of us.

The American Resurgence of Entrepreneurship

According to Forbes, about 1 in 4 women are planning to start their own business after the pandemic. The problem for many is that they do not know what to do, or how to run a business in general. Working with an organization like Place Perfect Partners is an easy step forward for anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur. New entrepreneurs just need some recruitment training (coupled with our ongoing executive coaching), and we do all the rest of the administrative tasks to fully operate your business.

Becoming a recruiter is an attractive remedy for the drive to become an entrepreneur because you can quickly transition into a new career where you can expect to earn a six figure income in just the first year of doing business. Unlike many other businesses, recruiting has relatively few barriers of entry into the industry because:

  • You do not need a large capital investment to start–For example, with just an initial $3,000 investment, you can get all of the licenses and equipment you need to have an active and legitimate recruiting company. 
  • You do not need to buy an inventory to start recruiting–Unlike most businesses, recruiting companies do not need to stock shelves or warehouses with expensive inventories before they can start generating an income.
  • It does not take a long time to start even if you have no experience with the industry–Even without any experience in the recruiting industry, you can be trained to be a successful recruiter with all of the best resources on the market and have a legally operational business in just a few business days. 
  • Move virtually or physically anytime–The greatest freedom about being the owner of your own recruiting agency is that you are able to move physically to any place you would like and still be able to recruit in any region around the United States that you would like to do business in. Being your own boss also comes with the perks of being able to recruit in any hotspot you would like to work in without having to ask anyone else’s permission to do so. 

The drive to become your own boss is higher than ever (according to Forbes). It is definitely a daunting prospect to start up a business on your own. There are a lot of documents to be filed, things to be registered, business forms and processes to be established, and IT systems to be set up. Instead of having to do all of those technical matters yourself, you should find a partnership where you get to keep almost all of the revenue that comes in, but you do not have to learn (or even perform) all of the administrative work that goes into running a profitable business. 

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