Becoming a business owner: satisfying your thirst for independence and financial freedom

Steve Jorgenson
November 02, 2020

Becoming a business owner: satisfying your thirst for independence and financial freedom

Somewhere along the road, in the last few decades, the American dream shifted.  The dream of becoming  independently financially “well-off” subtly moved into being financially “stable”, under the umbrella of a large corporation where you sit behind a desk, as a small cog in a giant corporate machine. The American dream became the ability to claw your way against your peers out of the cubicle and into an office. 

Once most people get out of their cubicle and into their office, that little office just becomes their new jail cell. A cell where  they are simply met with more responsibility, and not the compensation to directly award their additional efforts and achievements. Why would this be anyone’s dream? Nobody dreams of fearing whether they can take a little longer of a lunch or leave early because their child has something going on they don’t want to miss.

The Old Comeback

The old American dream of being your own boss and having control of your life is starting to coming back. People are recognizing that their efforts have more value than they are receiving and they are not happy with the confines set by their employers. This is particularly true of recruiters. They work tirelessly to bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars for their employees only to receive 25-50% of the money they bring into the business. They line the pockets of managers, senior managers, regional VPs, etc. when they are the ones bringing the real value into the business.

It is time for a new business model in the recruiting industry. One where skilled recruiters keep almost entirely all of their commissions without having to pay executives they will never meet the majority of the money they are bringing into the business. The American dream is building wealth for yourself and earning equity in a business that has value. It is hiring others to work on your team, mentoring them to be great at their jobs too, and building equity in a business of your own.

The New Partnership

Partnerships are an ideal option for recruiters who want to live the American Dream. There are a lot of reasons for recruiters who have an entrepreneurial spirit to partner with Place Perfect Partners instead of trying to go out and start a recruiting company completely independently:

An independent recruiter may not want to deal with the hassles of:

  • Learning how to be an administrator of a business
  • Dealing with all of the administrative work 
  • Want to feel like they have the camaraderie and fun of working for a recruiting organization
  • The  way their employer treats their front office (and demands them to do pointless tasks)
  • The cost of access to advanced software systems and helpful data analytics (that would be extremely expensive to access as a completely independent recruiter)
  • The business will be legally operational with all of the software, tools, and support a recruiter needs in just a few days and for less expense

There has never been a better time to explore entrepreneurship! Technologies can be leveraged in ways they never could before, and the market is poised for a period of high demand in recruiting that has never been seen in this country (even much more so than when the market crashed in 2008). There is going to be a boom of employment. The question is, who wants to be their own boss and double their take home compensation versus who wants to continue to help those executives who do not value them continue to live in luxury?

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