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About Us

Place Perfect Partners is a company built upon uncompromising principles and morals.

The guiding light of our organization is the Golden Rule–we do unto others as we would want others to do unto us. This emanates our entire network in the ways we treat each other, our Partners, and our vendors. By living by this principle, we work together as a team to make each others’ lives better, which leads to our ability to constantly innovate our processes and methods.

At Place Perfect Partners, “that’s just how we’ve always done it” is never an acceptable response. We always welcome each others’ ideas to improve processes and innovate. We encourage each other to innovate, challenge each other to live up to our values, and lift each other up when we need it.

There are four core elements of character we look for in each person we associate with:


Translated from Zulu, it means “I am, because you are.” The concept embraces the recognition that our humanity exists through each other. We all need each other and we can achieve our best with the help of others.


Thoughtfulness has several meanings for us. Thoughtfulness is offering to do a little extra to help each other out whenever we can. Thoughtfulness is understanding that we all have bad days and lifting each other up when that happens. Thoughtfulness is finding happiness by doing something to make the world a better place for at least one person at a time.


Admiration is an intangible quality, but when you find the traits in a person that make you admire them, you work that much harder every day to earn their admiration back.


Respecting each other is a core concept to what makes our model successful. Respect is not just required to each other for their rights to live their lives and be who they want to be. Respect is also in the way we treat each other as valuable and important individuals. We put great ideas and character before hierarchy and job titles.

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